Monday, April 18, 2011

Police get rough on Anti-Corporate Toronto University Demo

The following updates relate to a demonstration that took place today's anti-coropratization and privatization rally at UofT. For more information on what the demo was about a copy of the promo material for the demo is pasted below.

At 5:25pm via Twitter:
Christarchy RT @q_e_d: Police blocking doors to #UofT governing council meeting to hundreds of students/workers/community & Noam Chomsky.

At 5:30pm via TMC member:
Shit is going down at the Uof T action as we speak....reports are that police are beating up folks and arresting them - head to simcoe hall uoft if you can NOW

At 5:36 via Twitter

blogUT RT @q_e_d: (Meanwhile inside GC approves tuition increase without even discussion) #UofT

blogUT RT @q_e_d: Police now aggressively attacking students outside governing council meeting #UofT

At 6pm via Twitter:
Chomsky speaking at Anti-corp and anti-munk protest in front of UofT Governing Council meeting

At 6:27pm via TMC member:

UPDATE FROM RALLY: Shortly after Chomsky spoke, students attempted to enter the GC meeting. The police blocked student from entering the meeting, assaulting one protestor to the point of drawing blood. No one was arrested.

Protesters then remained outside the chambers doors for about 1.5 hours, demanding to be let in. Apparently, it was a festive mood outside the meeting, with students drumming on random objects and dancing while they pounded on the doors :)

XXXXX will write something up tonight.. I can post to the TMC.. and hopefully, we'll get some pics as well!

The protest has now dispersed.


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