Thursday, April 14, 2011

Public Citizen Forum Held By Toronto Police a Big Flop

SoC Editor: Only 10 people showed up to a public forum, third in a series of sparsely attended meetings held all across the city this week to gather community input towards the design of the 2012-14 Toronto Police Service Priorities. Clearly the public wasn't interested in participating in Chief Blair's photo-op. Since most people would feel too much anxiety sitting in a room full of cops, perhaps the police should stick to what they do best: terrorizing neighbourhoods.

"Don't be concerned - because I'm not concerned - by the few numbers here," Blair told the 10 or so residents gathered Wednesday night. "These consultations are effective and they do work for us...the room might not be full of people, but it's full of ideas." One Rexdale resident proclaimed, "I myself have nothing to hide - I'm a very good person - but at the same time when I see a police cruiser, I panic," she said. "When I see a police officer in my community, the first thing that comes into my mind and to all the other parents I work with is, is there something horrible happening?"

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