Monday, April 18, 2011

Walk to work moments

Karooro-Okurut and other like-minded Ugandans, call yourself to attention and reflect on these: the 1.7 trillion recently earmarked for the purchase of fighter jets at the cost of poor patients in Kagadi Hospital who have to trek long distances for water, let alone patients with spinal injuries at Mulago national referral hospital that abandoned their wards in February and demonstrated against lack of medical attention, and the Shs3 billion to be spent on Mr Museveni's swearing-in ceremony when hungry voters have not even a morsel to eat yet agriculture- a sector upon which many depend, is neglected and under funded. Ms Karooro-Okurut, how does the President's swearing-in positively contribute towards the improvement of people's welfare to the extent that it should be prioritised both in discussion and funding when no debates about biting hunger and deteriorating health standards are seen on Parliament's floor?

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