Monday, April 11, 2011

Windsor Facebook Group Speaks out Against Police Brutality

A group of Windsor, Ontario citizens have had enough of police abuse in their community. Their response: create a facebook group so people may begin fighting back against the Windsor Police Department and OPP. Its exactly this kind of direct citizen involvement that keeps police abuse in check. Their wall is very active with ongoing reports and their photo section is filled with bruises inflicted on youth by police. They describe their group as a group of people who are:

Fighting back against the Windsor Police Department and OPP. I'm tired of the police beating my child, arresting them for no reason, and setting them up for crimes they didn't commit.I have watched people be punched in the face, beat to the ground, stomped on by the same people that are supposed to protect our city. After filing several police complaints, contacting Mayor Eddie Francis(who doesn't give a darn by the way) and Sandra Pupatello (who did show concern by returning my telephone call), I say it's about time we fight back. Now who wants to go on this journey with me. RED ,WHITE, BLACK or BLUE- race, or age doesn't matter. Lets do this.

The facebook group page can be found here:

You can always count on State of Collapse to report the highlights of this initiative.

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