Thursday, April 7, 2011

Windsor Star acts as mouthpiece for the Windsor Police in Reporting of "Marihuana" Bust

SOC Editor: The Windsor Star once again shows its journalistic cowardice by publishing another verbatim communique from our city's biggest drug gang, the Windsor Police. You can read this article or the press release from the police website, as this was copy and pasted from the other. We should be questioning the violence commanded by the state in the pursuit of the war on drugs. We need to end these nanny-state policies that destroy lives and waste tax dollars on employing overpaid police gangsters.

WINDSOR, Ont. -- The Windsor police drugs and guns unit arrested one man and seized a large stash of pot Wednesday after raiding a marijuana grow op in a residential neighbourhood.

Police had “received information” that there was a grow op inside the house at 1405 Norman Rd. The drugs and guns unit went there at 7 p.m. Wednesday to execute a search warrant. Officers knocked on the door and got no answer.

They “breached” the side door and announced they were inside. A man then appeared in the kitchen. Police arrested him and searched the house.

They found 242 marijuana plants between three and four feet tall. They also seized 13,552 grams of marijuana, which police estimate to be worth $135,520.

Police also found equipment consistent with a grow-op. In addition, police said, someone had bypassed the hydro meter.

Enwin Utilities showed up and disconnected power to the residence.

Police said no one appears to have been living in the house. It was being used solely as a grow operation.

Hong-Nghia Phan, 54, of Mississauga, is charged with possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking, production of a controlled substance and theft of hydro. or 519-255-6850
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