Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Columbian Trade Unionists Freed From Prison

Dear Supporter,
We are very happy to begin this e-bulletin with some great news – two of the
political prisoners we have been campaigning on have been released and a third is
expected to be freed soon. On May 16th trade unionist Aracely Cañaveral Velez was
released after no evidence was provided against her.
FENSUAGRO trade union activist, Rosalba Gaviria, was also declared innocent and
released on 3rd June after spending 27 months unjustly imprisoned. Both prisoners
and unions have sent messages of thanks to JFC and all our supporters – showing that
the campaign can really make a difference.
On Friday 3rd June, imprisoned academic Dr Miguel Angel Beltran was declared
innocent of all charges, after being imprisoned since May 2009. In early May over
4000 UK academics signed a UCU-coordinated letter to President Santos demanding his
release. It is thought the verdict relates to the Colombian Supreme Court decision
that evidence from the notorious FARC computers is illegal. We expect Dr Beltran to
be released in the coming days.
JFC and Jorge Gamboa of the CUT recently returned from a successful trip to the ETUC
Congress in Athens. Jorge met new ETUC General Secretary Bernadette Segol, as well
as trade union leaders from across Europe as part of JFC’s campaign to block the
EU-Colombia FTA. The final Congress document, the Athens Manifesto, reiterated its
opposition to the FTA.
Unfortunately the murder of our colleagues in Colombia has continued unabated with
11 trade unionists assassinated so far this year, despite claims by the Santos
regime that things are improving. The two most recent killings on May 26th and 27th
were of teacher trade unionists.
April and May also saw the largest popular mobilisations of recent years, in protest
at the Santos administration’s education and economic plans. Up to a million
Colombians braved the repression to express their opposition to the policies.
Thanks for your support – it is only with your help that we can continue to show
much needed solidarity with our colleagues in Colombia.
Best wishes from Justice for Colombia.

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