Friday, June 24, 2011

Video shows part of man's hellish 11-hour G20 arrest ordeal

“Well, good luck on Saturday.”

These were the five words Sean Salvati cheekily uttered to two RCMP officers on June 23, 2010, three days before the G20 summit. And with that one sentence, what had been a fun evening of friends and Blue Jays baseball quickly became a hellish 11-hour ordeal in which Salvati claims he was arrested, strip-searched, beaten, denied access to a lawyer and left naked in a cell for nearly an hour.

Scenes of Salvati’s ordeal were captured by police security cameras at a downtown police station and his lawyers have obtained several hours of footage through Freedom of Information requests.

In one video, Salvati is shown being led from an interrogation room by three officers and escorted naked past a female officer.

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