Monday, July 4, 2011

Anti-Police Letters to the Toronto Star

Re: Judge blasts 51 Division for ‘blind eye,’ June 29

This article makes it abundantly clear that Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair has passed his “best before date.” The litany of shortcomings that have occurred on his watch continues to grow. The culture of abusing people has grown unfettered under his command. A CEO who continually comes up short on major key performance indicators would be quickly shown the door for cause. As the head of the Toronto police force he must stop the obfuscation and accept responsibility for the actions of the members of the force. He should be given the chance to immediately resign or be terminated for cause. The tipping point has been reached.

Glen N. Tolhurst, Guelph

On Wednesday I read two articles in the Star about the Toronto police force and the things they do to citizens and get away with. Two officers beat up a man near 51 Division causing great bodily harm and the judge sentenced them to one year of house arrest, meanwhile the man they beat up went through hell. Another officer got off for threatening two handcuffed suspects with his Taser because of his diabetes. Stop putting police on a pedestal; they are not heroes, just people, and should be subject to the laws of the land.

Robert Mobbs, Blue Mountain

The judge who sentenced two 51 Division officers for the brutal beating of an innocent man decided not to send them to jail because “Jail is a particularly dangerous place for police officers.” Few would doubt this fact. To solve this vexing problem, I would like to suggest that one of the new jails Stephen Harper is planning on building be reserved for police officers. Just counting those who should be tried for the illegal beatings and abuses of peaceful G20 protesters last year, the new jail should be full in no time.

Vittorio Frigerio, Toronto

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